Companion story.

(Hey, I promised.)

(Mrow. I just read the companion post to mine. *purr*)


We’d be wandering aimlessly through the twilight-darkened park, the gentle summer breeze caressing my thighs through the sheer fabric of my sundress. Tomorrow would not warrant a thought in our minds as we laugh in delight at everything we see, purely enjoying the company of our loves.

And then they would see that there’s no one around – the park is empty.

I wouldn’t even realize how much trouble I was in until Tessalyn had shoved me up against a tree, purring and nuzzling her cheek against my thigh before making no motions of subtlety, merely pressing her tongue into sensitive flesh. Jason would smirk, crossing his arms –

He loves to see the way our flesh contrasts, sunkissed against snowstorm. She’d dig her nails into my thighs (Oh, how she loves to do that) and purr into me, flicking her tongue against me oh so sweetly – and then give up all pretense of affectionate lovemaking.

Tessalyn’s not very patient.

She’d let her tongue writhe against me rapidly, seeking the fastest way to make me scream, knowing every inch of my body and how to force the reactions she desires.

And he’d simply stand there, smiling, watching my come drip down her face as I tense, digging my nails into the tree, hissing a moaned curse as I lose the struggle to my own pleasures and desires. Grabbing my hands and pinning them to the tree above my head, Tessalyn settles her back against it, letting me brace myself against her as she slowly trails her tongue against my thighs, licking up each droplet until Jason can smirk no longer, burying himself inside of me in one swift movement.

There would be no words, now – no subtleties, no whispers of lovemaking and desire –

It would be simple, raw sex. Pounding into me, forcing screams from my body, the two of them joining together to see who could make me come first – or second, or third…

Until I fell hard into Tessalyn’s arms, whimpering and begging, pleading with tears streaming down my face, unable to take another trickle of pleasure through my veins –

And she would hold me until Jason could compose himself, smirking once more at the trickle of his own pleasure down my thighs, and he would cradle me in his arms, carrying me back to the car –

I’d need the rest for when we got home.


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