It’s not cold now…

The firelight flickered gently across the room, casting shadows of ghosts long past upon the smooth, wooden walls as the snow fell softly outside. The three girls were simply chatting, as girls are wont to do, laughing and musing and letting their curiosity get the best of them, asking all of the questions they’d always wanted to know, talking late into the night as the white fluff piled around the little cabin.

As the night wore on, the storm raged outside – the room growing colder. The women shivered as they lay on their makeshift beds of quilted blankets and well-worn pillows, wondering if the snow would ever stop.

Staring out into the unforgiving elements, Tessalyn finally sighed. “I heard once that in extreme cold, you’re supposed to curl up in sleeping bags naked with whoever you’re with.”

Silence reigned.

“What did you just say?” Nel blinked – although Iselyahna said nothing, merely smirking, mouthing a silent “thank you” to her dark-skinned companion.

“She said to strip,” Iselyahna mused, tugging at the buttons on her shirt, before Tessalyn swiftly moved to assist. For the moment, Nel was forgotten – this was a dance long practiced by the two. Tessalyn licked her companion’s lips slowly, teasingly – watching the pale elven girl shiver beneath the fingertips slowly unbuttoning the shirt she had worn as a nightgown. “You look even better in the moonlight,” she whispered, before dragging a sharp nail swiftly down the elf’s chest.

With a whimpered gasp, Iselyahna did the only thing she could think of – the only thing instinct and many, many long nights with Tessalyn would allow. Falling gracefully to her knees, she simply shivered, waiting, as the Egyptian goddess before her slipped the shirt to the floor.

Nel stood silently, knuckles bone-white as she gripped the chair in shock. She had never seen such a thing before – never entirely thought that women could DO this sort of thing together. And yet… the contrast between the two lovers’ skin was astonishingly beautiful, the long, flowing dark hair trickling like a waterfall across milk-white flesh. She had never seen another woman naked before, but if the way Tessalyn was tugging at Iselyahna’s panties was any clue, she would soon.

Tessalyn gazed up at Iselyahna, fingertip slowly tracing the collar at her throat – something Nel had simply thought was decorative, though a few things were beginning to fall into place. The elven beauty bit her lip, soft pink blushing to cherry red as she whimpered helplessly, Tessalyn’s nails slowly dragging across the silvery scars on her hips. “That’s not fair,” she whispered breathlessly – a phrase she knew would only make Tessalyn work harder to hear it again.

Grabbing the tiny ring of the collar, Tessalyn pulled her down onto the comforters, watching her strain against the small bondage. “Nel.”

It wasn’t particularly the type of tone she could ignore – it was the tone that Clair used when her word was law. “Yes?” The urge to add “my lady” was disturbing.

“Get me some rope.”


“Rope. NOW.” Tessalyn made herself busy trailing little bites across the softly rounded flesh of Iselyahna’s breasts, easily forcing the submissive elf into a shivering mess of whimpers. Slippery-sweet crimson liquid slowly flowed from the scars that Tessalyn had teased open once more, and her own blood stained Iselyahna’s lips – Nel didn’t dare wonder what was going on as she silently handed the rope to the dark-skinned woman before her.

Swiftly binding the mildly protesting elf, she watched her squirm – so delicious against the ropes, struggling to free herself from a bondage she would never truly want to leave. Tilting her head slightly, she merely watched, idly drawing with the blood from Iselyahna’s hips, watching – waiting.

It was easy to see that the elven girl was tiring of her struggle, soft, tiny pants coming from her crimson-stained lips. She knew what happened to the poor girl when scratched there – when bound, kissed, licked, bitten. It was no chore to remember the many nights she’d spent with this woman helplessly chained to her own bed, screaming desperately for release, teasing, teasing…

But now she waited, watching the sweet liquid glistening between pale thighs. Unfortunately, Iselyahna had chosen that particular moment to struggle in such a way that Tessalyn could swiftly have room to place her hand where that soft, silky fluid was – swiftly pressing two fingers into the poor elf, making her moan sharply. It was by no accident that Tessalyn had pressed where she did with those fingers – she knew every way to make Iselyahna scream.

Nel gasped quietly, hands shaking. She had never seen anything like this… it was almost a dance, a beautiful, exotic warring of wills – exactly the type of battle that she loved. It was so tempting to lay a slightly tanned hand against the flesh that looked like liquid silk – God, she looked so soft and warm…

Tessalyn murmured softly to the bound girl, rather enjoying how helplessly she struggled, unable to decide whether to push herself down onto the rapidly thrusting fingers that were slowly making her want to scream, or to pull away – though she knew that Tessalyn would draw blood for such an action. Not that that was a bad thing…

Slowly, icy blue eyes focused on Nel, who was quite busy watching the soft pink of Iselyahna’s nipples as she panted harder. She said nothing, merely whimpering, but the desperate, needy look in her eyes was enough to break even Nel’s iron will. She slowly sat down next to the elf’s head, gazing into her eyes, slowly tracing the scars across her arms. Tessalyn knew what she did not – that what the redheaded girl was doing would only make Iselyahna moan louder.

“PLEASE, Mistress!” she whispered hoarsely, biting her lip to bleeding to keep from screaming – although that only lasted for so long. Tessalyn simply smiled sadistically, watching the hypnotized Nel stare down at the submissive pale beauty – revelling in the fact that she had utter, complete control.

“You are MINE,” she hissed, before pressing into Iselyahna harder, making her scream, arching her back deeply as the blood and silky fluids trickled down her thighs. Nel could only watch, squirming slightly, as the bound girl came into Tessalyn’s waiting mouth, the Egyptian woman hungrily licking the sensitive flesh, making Iselyahna whimper helplessly.

“Not fair,” she moaned, writhing, before hissing in delicious pain. Tessalyn glanced up just in time to see Nel slowly caressing and pinching at Iselyahna’s nipples.

“Decided to join in the game, hmm?” Tessalyn smirked. “Take your clothes off.” This time, Nel simply nodded, eagerly shedding her clothes. “Straddle her head.”


“Do it,” she nearly growled, shoving the bewildered redhead toward where she wanted her. Shaking, Nel carefully followed instructions – digging her fingernails harshly into Iselyahna’s hips to steady herself as the poor, sobbing elf began to lick and suckle such interesting places. Nel had never felt such things before, but she rather liked the feeling of the elven girl’s tongue slowly fucking her as deeply as she could.

Moaning softly, Nel rocked against the invading tongue gently, barely noticing when Tessalyn grabbed her hand, pressing it between dark thighs. Gazing up at her uncertainly, Nel shuddered at the sudden warmth coating her fingers as Tessalyn began to fuck them without preamble.

She felt Iselyahna struggling under her, whimpering helplessly – far from sated, she was desperately trying to make Nel come. Hard. Now. She began purring softly, not realizing she was doing it – but Nel did. The tiny vibrations against her slick, hardened clit were too much, and she screamed, pressing down hard against hungry lips that eagerly drank the warmth offered.

Panting softly she moved as Tessalyn lay down, trying to copy the motions that the Egyptian goddess had done earlier to the shivering elf. She must have been doing something right, as Tessalyn had dug her nails into Iselyahna, moaning hotly. “Don’t stop,” she demanded, before screaming as Nel’s thumb brushed against her clit just enough. Nel stared down at her dizzily as she felt the woman’s strong muscles clamp down on her fingers hard, though she didn’t stop – wondering what would happen…

Tessalyn desperately began licking the blood from Iselyahna’s lips from where she bit them, clinging to the small elf frantically as Nel’s movements became more sure – thrusting into her over and over and over, making her wonder just how much Nel had done that she didn’t confess to. Then all thoughts fluttered from her mind as she arched her back, moaning into Iselyahna’s mouth as she came again, drenching poor Nel’s hand and wrist in her fluids.

She hissed softly as she stared down at the pale skin before her, the girl bleeding and shivering, gazing up helplessly. “How many times do you think I can make you come before you pass out?” she mused thoughtfully, still shuddering softly from the pleasure coursing through her veins. She held down Iselyahna as she shoved three fingers this time into the searingly hot tightness of the elven girl, forcing a scream from her lips. “PLEASE, Mistress,” she gasped breathlessly, feeling her heart racing in her chest.

“Lick me,” she demanded of Nel, who rapidly dove in between her legs, grasping her clit between her teeth and suckling fiercely. Tessalyn made no pretense of gentleness, simply fucking her as hard as she could, wanting her to beg, to come, to scream, to surrender.

To be hers.

Sobbing, tears coursing down her cheeks, Iselyahna trembled violently, digging her nails into the palms of her hands as she clamped down on Tessalyn’s fingers harder, screaming her name into the night. But Tessalyn had decided to make her come as many times as she could, and would live up to that promise – though she had begun to grind herself down against Nel’s tongue, soaking the petite redhead with her hot juices, moaning as she bit down on Iselyahna’s nipple.

“FUCK!” the elf screamed, until Tessalyn hissed, dragging her nails sharply against the girl’s hips as a warning to behave. Tessalyn decided to keep the elf too busy to curse and increased the pace of her fingers, rubbing her thumb into her clit harder, feeling the hot, slippery flesh tremble in anticipation. Iselyahna stared at her, panting quietly, before her slightly dazed look shattered with a desperate moan, writhing against the soaked blankets harder, unable to speak or think.

Unrelenting, Tessalyn attempted a fourth finger, testing the girl, seeing how far she could push her before she couldn’t take anymore, forcing Iselyahna to come again, harder, without a break – one continuous, desperate orgasm that wracked her body with shudders, pale skin glistening with her juices as she whimpered softly, unable to scream anymore. She came over and over again until Tessalyn’s fingers were so sore she feared something may have been snapped by the overwhelming tightness of the elven girl – suddenly screaming, fiercely kissing Iselyahna, though she was barely conscious, as she came hard into Nel’s mouth.

Nel had never tasted this sweet nectar before, but she wanted more – hungrily suckling the juices from Tessalyn’s body, making her come once more. But Tessalyn hadn’t noticed that Nel’s fingers had snuck between her own thighs and she fucked herself unrelentlessly – a sight that she wouldn’t have believed if she hadn’t seen it herself. “Oh, God,” she moaned into the soft flesh before her, shuddering as she slickened the blankets with her own nectar.

The two girls collapsed beside the still-bound elven girl, who simply shivered quietly, lost in her own little world of ecstasy that still trickled through her. Tessalyn gently untied her, knowing that the elf’s instinct would be to immediately curl up against the Egyptian’s warm body, seeking comfort, reassurance, needing to know that her Mistress was pleased. Tessalyn simply held her, cradled safely against her body, as Nel snuggled in beside them, sighing sleepily as she yanked a dry blanket over them all.

“I told you being naked would work.”


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