Another story.

This is a role-play scene that Jason and I wrote out the other day. I’m not entirely sure where the hell it came from – but we nearly attacked each other with feral kisses by the time we were done. I rather liked it. I was going to post it on Jason’s blog, but I felt like seeing it on mine… Content edited purely for grammar and style, I took out the action marks. Mrow. Comments?


She has curled up upon a blanket near the thick, snow-tinted window in the tavern, her back to the gentle flames. A few beautiful patrons – male and female – glanced the pretty kitten’s way every so often, but her eyes were on the road. Where is he? She wondered, mewling sulkily. Snow tigress or not, she was rather put out by the dampness that seeped through the shabby boards.

Kendarin has a penchant for getting into mischief, danger, and trouble on his adventures, and tonight was no different. Shae would soon see Kendarin running towards the tavern in a dead sprint, followed by what looks to be several very angry wolven creatures. He’d swiftly storm into the tavern, slamming the doors shut behind him, much to the chagrin of whatever was chasing him. Panting, he slumped, seating himself on the floor, leaning against the one thing keeping him safe at the moment. Eventually, whatever was chasing him would leave.

Tilting her head curiously, she stretched, arching her back, as felines are wont to do – padding silently across the wooden floor, she settled down next to him, laying her head on his lap. “You’re late.”

He gave a mildly annoyed grin down to his kitten, chuckling and shaking his head. “So I don’t run as quickly as I like.” He stroked Shae’s cheeks gently with the pads of his fingers, still breathing a little heavily. “So how are you? Miss me?”

She whimpered quietly, nuzzling into his fingers, desperate for the affection. Through slitted eyes, she glared at the various patrons of the room. “There’s all these… these… human people sitting around staring at me!” she hrmphed, her tail flicking against the floor rapidly in annoyance. “Like they’ve never seen kittygirls before!” She sulked at him, squirming until she curled up entirely on his lap, save for the very angry tail that thumped against the floorboards continuously, a staccato beat.

“Human people aren’t so accustomed to such exotic beauty, Shaelote. They think they’re dreaming.” He smirked some kinda smirk, more sardonic to the humans and kindly to his lover, as he gently picked her up from his lap, carrying her over to one of the couches by the fireplace. He shot a glare or two to any patrons that gave perverted glares; they could watch all they wanted, but he would be the only one to touch her, ever. He’d lay down on the couch, setting his kitten beside him, wrapping an arm around her appreciatively.

She gave him a curious look – it, of course, would never occur to her that they might think her exotic; that humans wouldn’t know what she is. She nuzzled into him gently, purring quietly, all but oblivious to the room. Well, except for one or two, maybe, but the collar that softly hugged her throat blatantly told where – and to whom – she belonged. “Dreaming?” she murmured, snuggling closer to him as tightly as she could, wrapping a leg over his hip.

He purred as she straddled him, per se, shifting to cling closer to the kittygirl. He knew of the patrons in the room, but he grinned a very Cheshire grin; they could watch all they want. “Maybe of you. You’re wearing a little much to match the dream, however.”

A pervert, yes, but his purring shifted to something lower, a little more carnal, as he canted his head and sank his teeth ever-so-slightly into her neck.

Whatever she had been about to say was quickly thrown out the window – let the snow have common sense, she had no use for it right now. The tips of her claws gently nipped at his shoulders as she mewled, tiger striped tail swishing back and forth behind her as she squirmed. “Why?” she whimpered, before curling up against him even closer, clinging for what appeared to be dear life.

“Let the uncultured humans watch and learn what true love—and true lust—is. Are. Whatever.” He honestly did hope that someone was watching as he trailed a claw down her spine, his other hand working to remove that little halter top she typically wore. Once it was away from her fur, he’d lean again to take one of her nipples into his lips, suckling just a little, dragging the textured center of his tongue over it.

“Missed me that much?” she purred, squirming, daring to glance over her shoulder at one or two awed patrons. Silvershard cat eyes stared back at them before she gasped sharply, her attention quickly averting to her lover. Staring down at him, she mewled softly, swallowing hard, feeling the tug of the collar around her throat, delicious and reminding all at once.

He knew. He knew the collar would do things to her, and a finger hooked in the ring in the front of it would curl, and he’d give a little tug. He wanted to remind her that she was his—not that she needed it. He continued suckling on the nipple in his mouth, nibbling the sensitive bud gently. He opened an eye for a moment, looking to see who was watching, and when he saw an elven girl in the corner watching with some lost kind of look in her eyes, he smirked inwardly and moaned into the catgirl’s flesh.

She moaned quietly, tiny purrs rumbling beneath her breasts as he tugged on her collar – God, what the very thought did to her. She arched her back in a single felinesque movement, her tail coiling about her thigh as she shivered above him, sharp kitten fangs nibbling at her lips. “Not FAIR!”

Another tug on her collar, and he released her nipple, giving a little “hush!” through gritted teeth. He smirked ever more inwardly as his own excitement grew; the evidence of such probably noticeable through the thin silk of his slacks. “Invite the redheaded elf in the corner closer to watch,” He whispered. “I would do it myself, but I want to see how you would.” With that, the finger in the loop of her collar straightened, releasing her.

She whined softly as he let go, pouting, nuzzling her cheek against him sulkily for a moment before sighing, slipping off his lap. She remained on hands and knees, however, as she slunk over to the elven girl, laying a soft cheek against her knee. “You’re pretty,” she murmured distractedly. “We like you.”

The elven girl blushed a red that matched her hair. It was really a rather pretty sight. She opened her mouth as if to speak, but the words wouldn’t come. The girl would tentatively stretch an arm out and stroke the catgirl’s hair. Kendarin would grin ever wider as he saw this, chuckling to himself. “Good girl, Shae,” He’d murmur, though it wasn’t really audible.

She purred lightly, rubbing up against the girl, her hardened nipples brushing against the elf’s legs as she snuggled into the petting. “You’re nice, too,” she mewled, gazing up at her, silvery eyes slightly glazed with pleasure and submission.

The elf girl blinked at the topless catgirl at her legs and blushed even redder. “Who’s… we?” She asked, her voice very delicate, maybe even more subdued than Shae’s. She was a shy thing, though Shae would be able to feel the heat between her thighs growing.

Tilting her head thoughtfully, Shae’s slightly rough little tongue rasped at the girl’s hand. She gestured slightly toward her lover. “Kendarin. Mine,” she added proudly. “He likes you too.” She shivered against the elf, pouting softly. Waiting games were never Shaelote’s forte.

The elf would look to Kendarin, who would wave in some manner totally not fit for the situation. It would be funny, dammit. Gulping, and running a shaking free hand through her barely shoulder-length hair, she would carefully get up and walk with the catgirl over to the couch Kendarin sat upon. Nervous, she’d sit down beside him, but not too close. Kendarin, however, would reach for his catgirl, picking her up and setting her on his lap with a grin and a sultry purr. “Do you like her, too, Shae?”

She promptly allowed her tail to wrap loosely around the girl’s wrist – anyone who didn’t at least pretend to like a bit of bondage wasn’t that high up on her list. “Pretty,” she agreed distractedly, wondering how long it would take for the elf to take her clothes off. “Why are you not naked?”

The elf would look to Kendarin, wondering if she had to, then Kendarin would grin and speak. “Just get naked. If Shae likes you, maybe I’ll let her make you come a few times.” He’d then lean to whisper in Shae’s ear… “Maybe you’ll end up licking her while I fuck you from behind, eh?” The elf blinked, and Kendarin slid his hands to the skirt Shae wore, trying to slide it off. Nervous, and a little reluctant, the elf girl started to slide off the tunic she was wearing. She had no bra on, her breasts were perky and her nipples hard.

Shae shivered softly, the grip on the girl’s wrist tightening slightly with the kitten’s excitement. She wiggled her butt just a little, grinning, squirming out of the skirt and rapidly cuddling upon her lover’s lap once more. “You’re pretty. I like you. Why are you scared? It’s nicer this way,” she murmured vaguely, a single claw slowly tracing the outline of her collar.

The elf said nothing, sliding out of her own skirt. While she was shy, her body betrayed her and the bottom of her simple, white cotton panties was slightly damp with her own musky juices. Kendarin was rather amused by this, and said, “You seem rather excited, dear girl. What’s your name?” The elf replied quietly with, “Seara.” Kendarin nodded, sliding out of his robe, leaving him only in slacks. With a purr, he spoke again. “Take hold of Shaelote’s collar and tug her towards you. She’ll kiss you and you’ll like it. Trust me.” Shaking, Seara wrapped two fingers around the ring in Shae’s collar and tugged, wondering if the catgirl would indeed react so kindly.

Shae whimpered softly for a moment before scrambling onto Seara’s lap, the tiny kitten a shivering, amorous little ball of fur and purrs. She licked her lips slowly, moaning, wondering if the pretty elf knew anything about why she liked it so much, and promptly decided that education was best suited to her lover. Wrapping her legs around her waist, she snuggled into her, slowly dragging her sharp fangs across the elf’s lips before suckling gently on the lower one.

So warm… Seara moaned at the heat and the soft fur and accepted the kiss with heated lips of her own. Apparently the elf had a dominant side after all, or at least a hedonistic one. Shae wouldn’t like the fact that the redheaded girl was still wearing panties, so with careful claws, Kendarin would –cut- away the meager fabric, leaving the elf girl completely nude. Kendarin would take hold of Shae’s tail, pressing the tip to the wetness between the elf’s thighs. He hoped she’d get the point.

She shuddered, pressing tightly against the elf, the heat of her body nearly burning the furless flesh before her. She mewled helplessly, delving into the fierce kiss, oblivious to everything but skin/warm/please/now… Squirming, her tiny – yet strong – striped, furry tail slid wetly against the elf’s entrance, flicking gently across her clit just once before pressing against the heat.

Seara whimpered and moaned at the tease, shaking quite a bit as she maintains the kiss for a moment longer, then breaks it, panting, breathing very heavy. “Enjoying yourself, our guest?” Kendarin asked, tilting Shae forward by pressing a hand to the back of her neck. It would press furred flesh against skin, and hopefully tilting Shae’s body into a position easier for Kendarin to take advantage of. With a purr, he’d slide out of his slacks, his erection obvious, and he’d guide the head of it to Shae’s own wetness, teasing her as she teased Seara. The elf wouldn’t be able to say much, glancing down at Kendarin’s length, her eyes going wide. “You’re… so small… how?” She asked Shae, kinda trailing off.

Mewling helplessly, she pressed her tail harder into the pretty elf, unsure of whether or not she could pull this off – but she’d damn well have fun trying. She squirmed, arching her back slightly, her soft panting reminding her with every breath of her collar – something that somehow made teasing this beautiful girl even more delicious. “Perrrsistance,” she purred, the delicate trill of the “r” more an unconscious reflex than anything else. She was forced to drop her hands to the couch, lest her claws harm the pretty little thing before her. “I like it when it hurts,” she added with a moan.

Kendarin grinned as he positioned himself to take his lover kitten, and he definitely liked her answer. “She likes to be dominated, to be mine. You should try being dominant towards her… she’d come all over your thighs if you did.” With that, he started to slowly press his throbbing length into her, groaning at the squeeze, and pausing once completely inside of her. He nearly collapsed with a thrill, but stayed up, miraculously. Seara did little at this point, just watching and panting at the sight, the feel of Shae’s tail. After a gulp, she decided to test the waters… “M-Make me come, catgirl,” she said, somewhat nervous.

She shuddered violently, having to make a conscious attempt to relax her muscles – it HURT, it burned, it felt so damn good. She whimpered into Seara’s throat for a moment, shaken. Shae looked up at her distractedly, confusion obviously written across her face. The words, she understood – the tone, not so much. Unsure of how to handle the situation, she simply continued with what she was doing, quite enjoying working her tail deeper into the little elf’s wetness, letting it curl against her flesh inside, flicking around curiously.

Kendarin pulled himself out of his lover a little, very slowly, feeling the flesh squeeze, milking him, sending him into ecstasy. “Sssseara,” he groaned. “She won’t make an effort if you’re so nervous.” He looked to Shae for a moment, moulding his body to hers and whispering in her ear as he pressed back inside of her… “So good, my kitten… so good…” A little bit of an awkward pause, and then the elf gulped, steeling herself, starting to sweat. “Make me come, catgirl! Fuck me with your tail! Use your tongue! I don’t care! Make me come!” Her tone was definitely harsher, more dominant. Almost like a female Kendarin. It seems he was really good at that sort of thing.

She shuddered violently, clamping down on Kendarin harder, collapsing into the elf for a moment, helpless, vulnerable. She shifted her gaze up slightly to look at Seara, though not quite meeting her eyes, and whispered, “Yes, Mistress,” unable to stop shaking, eagerly working her tail deeper, delighted by the somewhat unfamiliar sensation. She bit her lip thoughtfully as she trembled, thinking, searching… wondering just where it would make her scream, should she press her little tail there.

Kendarin groaned into Shaelote’s ear at the clamping, shivering from head to toe. His purring made his entire chest rumble, vibrate, and he started to move a little faster. Seara continued to writhe beneath the kitten-girl, up until her tail found just the right spot. She would let out a scream as her walls clamped down on the tail; apparently, this was new to her and it was effective. Coming immediately, she arched back, pressing up into Shae as she cried out, clinging to both felines as her first climax began to subside.

Shae mewled helplessly, struggling to lean down enough to rasp her tongue against the slick wetness, pressing back harder into Kendarin, begging with her body, grinding her ass into his hips. “Please,” she moaned, unconsciously baring her throat to the elf, slitted eyes desperately needy. The room had faded away – every other patron, everything except Kendarin, Seara, and the most wonderful feelings meant nothing to her.

Seara would at this point come down from her orgasm and realize that the dominance thing is where it’s at. She’d grab Shae’s collar and forcefully draw her face between elven thighs, even if it pulls the tail out of her. “Lick me,” She ordered through gritted teeth. Such a show was definitely some kinda hot for Kendarin, and he’d start to thrust into his kitten lover now, hard. Slow, but hard. He wanted to hurt Shae in the way she loved so much, his length throbbing so hard against her inner walls. He groaned, his fingers digging into her hips, claws reflexively extending, threatening to pierce skin.

No thought passed through Shae’s mind as she obeyed; life was so much simpler this way. She rather happily nestled between the elf’s thighs, tiny, rough kitten tongue rasping eagerly at the slickness, devouring every droplet she could find – burying her tongue deeply within Seara after. She mewled loudly, her tongue-fucking more forceful as she tried to press into the claws, wanting to bleed, wanting him to hurt her, to pound into her until she couldn’t walk for a week.

Kendarin would eventually indeed press his claws in deep enough, and Shae would feel the pinpricks enough as she started to bleed. Kendarin would feel the bleeding, even, and start thrusting ever faster. Nothing mattered now save for the incredible orgasm the two were bound to experience—erm, three. He almost felt bad for the elf; she may not get to experience climax if he distracts Shae too much. Seara buries her hands in Shae’s hair, forcefully pressing her into her heated, sopping wet flesh, wrapping her thighs around Shae’s head, trying to get her tongue deeper.

Shae vaguely contemplated slipping a finger or two into the elf – and quickly realized how dangerous that would be as her claws dug hard into the couch of their own volition. She growled low in her throat, her eyes losing all sense of conscience – the flashes of pain in her hips forced the feral side of the kitten to come forth. She arched deeper into Kendarin, frantically trying to free one of Seara’s legs so that she might grind her clit into the elf’s flesh. She nuzzled her tongue into the hot depths, flicking it desperately, harder, faster, mewling pleas for her lover to hurt her, to fuck her, to make her HIS.

Any preamble of lovemaking was gone now. It was sex. It was carnal, feral, and hard. Unrelenting. He tried to pound harder and harder, his claws opening small cuts in his lover’s flesh, the blood staining her fur by now. Seara would surrender one leg to do whatever either feline lover wanted as she oozed more and more hot elven juices. Kendarin growled and grunted with his efforts now, trying to hurt his kitten with his fucking. He was pounding harder than he had ever remembered, and it felt incredible.

She gazed up at Seara, the wild look of a feral tigress piercing in her glance. She nipped gently at the girl’s soaked flesh, gently marking her, suckling her clit into her mouth hard and fast before screaming, desperate purrs vibrating against the elf’s flesh. She hissed quietly, the forceful movements of her lover ripping open slightly deeper, ragged cuts in her sensitive hips, her own claws harshly breaking open the fabric of the couch below her as she struggled for what little control she had – she was afraid that if she came now, so would he, and this would stop… Groaning, she rubbed her diamond-hard little clit up against the elf’s leg, her own nectar fairly pouring down her thighs as she whimpered in relief from the pain.

Seara felt the heat of Shae’s juices, and she groaned as she ground her sex into kitten lips. She tensed, arched her body, and let out another scream, coming again, and dousing Shae’s face in its entirety with hot elf-girl come. She trembles violently, panting, whimpering—maybe she had had enough? Anyway, Kendarin continues pounding like there’s no tomorrow, reveling in her blood. He wants her to bleed from more than her hips, though, as he tries to press ever deeper. He’s about to come, he knows it, but tries to hold it off… his groans grow a little higher pitch, and his intensity can be felt for miles…

Too distracted to lick the sweetness from her face, she shudders, the burning heat of her own desire silky and intensely warm against the elf’s flesh. She reaches up to tug on her collar a little, shuddering with the familiar ache, pressing back into Kendarin none-too-carefully before screaming again, arching her back, dropping her claws to the couch as she digs into it hard, her own tightness violently clenching her lover – almost enough of a vice-grip to keep him from his own climax, but wasn’t it always? – as she comes. The poor elf is drenched as Shae whimpers and purrs, still screaming from the intensity of her ongoing climax, the shattering pain within her enough to convince her that whatever he just did, it probably wasn’t too healthy, but FUCK did it feel good.

And that was that. Kendarin could never handle the vice grip, and even if it did delay his orgasm, the delay was just delaying the inevitable. He too came, forcing his seed through the vice grip deep inside his kitten’s flesh. Rivulets of the heated fluid rifled forth from his length, and he clung to her body, tightly, shaking almost as violently as Seara. Although none could be certain, it appeared that the elven came again just by watching the brutal, feral sex act performed practically on top of her. Feline lust was true lust. Nothing ever matched it.

Shae simply trembled as the silky nectar and dark red blood poured from her depths, her cheek laid softly against the elf’s tummy. Her eyes slitted tightly, she simply drifted – subspace is a wonderful thing indeed. Her tiny body wracked with ecstasy, she mewled and purred quietly, not caring about the patrons, the elf, anything, nothing except for how she felt right this very moment.

Kendarin pulled her backwards into an awkward, but still kitteny cute cuddle, resting on his back, Shae on his stomach and chest. His length was still inside her, and while it wasn’t quite as hard as it was when he was at his most intense, it was still large and imposing. He too cared little about the elf that joined them, only about his kitten. He clung close, whispering little “I love you”s into her flesh. Seara shakily crawled over and laid herself atop the kittengirl, cuddling just as close with a contented sigh.

She wasn’t entirely sure she wanted to float back to the surface of it, so she merely remained where she was, happily feeling agony and pleasure trickling through her veins. Unmoving, but still purring, the kitten lay quietly between them, a lot more than content.


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