An odd fetish.

I’ve found myself having a serious fetish for virgin faeries lately. Whenever I roleplay, I always seem to go with a faerie character. Preferably a virgin…

I have no idea why it turns me on so much. Well… parts of it I guess I do. Something about… the pain, the intimacy of the whole virgin thing just makes me feel all shivery. (Yes, I’m a painslut, give me a break.) It’s just… so fucking hot to roleplay. I’m tempted to post one of the scenes that I like the best, just to prove my point.

(Jason just chimed in, telling me to. So… here you go.)

I “borrowed” Karin from Shadow Hearts: Covenant. She’s… obviously slightly modified, but I tried to play her as I thought she’d be when drunk, anyway. Jason used a character called Malcorith, a half-elf bartender. Both characters are really freakin’ hot.


He would be pleasantly surprised at the fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra. She groaned softly, arching her back into him, squirming contentedly against the bed. On a purely carnal, instinctual level, she reacted to his body, licking at her lips slowly as she gazed up at him. She was used to letting her body take the lead – many things in her life required movement over thought, and she was very much comfortable to simply react to him, feeling everything he offered to her and more.

He would even offer a brush of teeth to the nub in his mouth, then move to the other nipple, giving it similar treatment while a hand reaches up to play with the moistened breast. He kneads it gently, some pressure, and a moan into her flesh. He likes how she tastes, how she feels, and his breath grows very hot with the sensations of it. He eventually stops, looking up at her with a bit of a predatorial glare, moving still lower down. He wasn’t sure how to undo the skirt she wore, so he instead merely hiked it up. He pulled her thighs apart and looked to the panties there, pressing a couple fingers underneath and pulling them aside, revealing her sex. He was never one to be subtle, and his lips locked on her sensitive flesh, licking and suckling with that talented tongue. At one point, he had his tongue curved just right so that she would feel pressure on her clit from seemingly two different sources.

Karyn moans softly, nails digging into the bed gently as she writhes slowly beneath him. She likes the feeling of her nipples hardening beneath his lips, his teeth. She shuddered involuntarily at his gaze, going still immediately as she panted quietly. It made chills run down her spine in the most pleasant of ways. She let her head fall back against the bed as he moved down, nibbling at her lower lip slowly, enjoying the haze of alcohol-warmth and gentle pleasures. She was rather glad he wasn’t into the subtlety bit. She wasn’t entirely sure she would be able to handle that right now without trying to smack him or something. She blinked a little with a startled gasp, arching into his mouth gently, whimpering helplessly.

He would continue to suckle at her flesh, lips and tongue hungrily seeking out whatever of her flavor he could. A finger would press inside her folds, and he’d start pumping it in and out, slowly, before he curled it upwards, seeking her g-spot, should he be able to find it. He makes note, however, of a certain barrier of skin that’s still intact on her body, and he pauses from his licking and nibbling of her naughtier places to lean up and glance at her. “You didn’t mention you were a virgin,” He said, half-teasingly, his finger rubbing at her most sensitive areas within her. “You sure you want to go through with this?” He half-purrs. “It’s not too late to back out and just enjoy my tongue…”

She shivered gently, whimpering with tiny pants as she squirmed, pressing against his finger gently, biting at her lip harder to keep from begging. She blinked a little, looking down at him, pouting a little at the seemingly abrupt stopping of all things good in the world. “Please?” she merely whispered needily, a desperate tone in her voice. “Please don’t stop…” Damned with pride, it felt nice, he was nice, and she wasn’t particularly inclined to stop him. She arched her back again, involuntarily with a groan, licking at her lips as she gazed down at him pleadingly.

He continued to merely finger her g-spot, pressing a second finger inside to help put more pressure on the sensitive area. “Don’t stop? But you know what I want, right?” His fingers surged forwards a little, pressing against her hymen in a bit of warning. “I’m going to have to tear through this,” he says, his other hand reaching to the button and zipper of his pants, undoing them. “You want me inside of you?” He asks, his voice falling lower, more sultry, seductive again. He pulls down his boxers, his length springing free, throbbing, needy. He inches forth, removing his fingers from her flesh and using that hand to grab hold of his length, pressing the head of his length to her sex, holding the panties she was still wearing aside. He wouldn’t have to in a moment, but for now, he just looks her in the eye, asking… “You still want it? Want me?”

She groaned again, eyes clamping shut as she clenched down on his fingers softly, wings glittering faintly as she shuddered. “I know,” she managed, swallowing hard. “Yes, God, please,” she ended in a whisper, trying to answer all of his questions at once without letting him stop touching her. She gazed up at him desperately, the need and desire screaming in her eyes as she trembled. Yes, she was nervous, but God, yes, she wanted it. “I don’t –want- this,” she murmured. “I need this…” She swallowed hard, feeling him against her. It was such a new feeling; but… one she wasn’t quite sure she would ever get used to, and she was certain that was a wonderful thing indeed.

She was probably the strongest-willed virgin he had ever met. It was honestly hot, something he wouldn’t be able to get out of his head, and with a buck of his strong hips, he would push and tear through that skin barrier without regard or fear. He would let out a groan at the feeling of her flesh closing over him, and his hands would move to her hips, grabbing them, gripping them roughly, and he pauses, trembling almost violently as he revels in the feelings she sends through his body. He stays still, unable to move, uncertain he wants to. “G-God,” he mutters, clenching his eyes shut, lips parting, breath ragged. “Incredible…”

She cried out sharply, hands quickly moving to his back, her nails dragging down it hard. “Fuck,” she swore breathlessly, unconsciously pressing her hips firmly into his. She shut her eyes tightly against the stars at the edge of her vision, shuddering violently. “Fuck…” she whimpered again. She squirmed against him, loving how he felt against her; warm and solid and holding onto her in such nice ways. She could feel his pulse within her, could feel her own pulse thundering through her veins, through her wings, and it was dizzying.

He collapsed. He let his body fall as delicately against hers as he could, pressing his muscular chest to her breasts, crushing them a little, and he only then began to withdraw. He would pull his throbbing length out of her flesh a little bit, only to press it inside again. There would be blood on his sheets tonight, and he probably wouldn’t wash it out. He liked it. His eyes opened, trying to stare into hers, his lips only a scant inch or two away from stealing a kiss. He rolled his hips, slowly, giving her a moment to adapt to being violated in such a delicious manner. “Keep talking,” he whispered. “I want to know what’s going on in that pretty little head of yours,” he added. He was a little more in control now, and he had never had a faerie before, let alone a faerie virgin. He wanted to savor every aspect of the moment.

Her nails dug harder into his back as she gasped, writhing against his body as she mewled helplessly, slowly opening her eyes to gaze into his. “Oh, God,” she murmured softly to herself, crying out again as he brushed against that oh-so-nice place deeply within her. She blinked away the stars, the tears, trying to register everything that she was feeling, and just… gave in. To him, to the sensations, to what he’s doing to her – it felt too intense to resist, and she didn’t even bother trying anymore. She swallowed hard and slowly smiled up at him. “Want you,” she whispered. “God, I need this.”

He liked how her fingernails felt in his back. He wanted her to make him bleed. “Want you,” He responded, almost in tandem. He continued rolling his hips, rubbing the entire length of his body against hers—even despite the fact she still had her boot-stocking things on, and her skirt and panties. The carnal nature of the act made him ignore it, yet it fueled his desire more. “Why need?” He asked, genuinely curious as his hands released her hips a little bit, guiding them, guiding her. He actually pressed a little into her fingers, trying to get her to dig deeper. “Tell me what you like…”

If he keeps up with what he’s doing, she’ll make him bleed all right, probably more than he really wanted. She sighed slowly, trying to relax, pressing down into him a little harder, instinctively wanting him deeper, more, harder, faster, anything, just –more-. “Because… it feels good,” she murmured, after some thought. “Good and full and whole and … so… fucking… intense,” she whimpered, another shiver of pain slithering down her spine like cold water. She liked the reflection of glitter against his body. It somehow suited him. She clung to him tightly, wrapping her legs around him as best as she could, considering he hadn’t really bothered to take her clothes off, but it was passable.

He liked how she said full, and pressed himself as deeply inside of her as he could manage. He places his hands on her thighs, wrapping her legs around his body further, and he just holds that position, feeling the depth, closing his eyes a moment and letting out a sound almost like a purr. “What do you want me to do?” He asks, starting to roll his hips again, but barely moving at all. Just slight pressure, slight movement, and much friction against her clit. “Tell me what you like about this,” he asks. Vocal boy in bed, wasn’t he? He canted his head, starting to press little kisses along her jawline and her neck, moaning into her flesh with little whimpers and groans.


Hot, no?


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