So while I still feel like I’m wrapped in saran wrap, things are still interesting around here.

Jason was kind of down on his lunch break, and we ended up snuggling on the couch. I have absolutely no fucking clue what happened, but we somehow ended up kissing, and then making out, and then my shirt was pulled up…

Things became a little frenzied from there. All sorts of nice kissing and sucking and hands down the pantsness. I think Jason just wanted me to claw his back a little *mrowl*. So I did… but only because he insisted on fingering me and trying to make me come. Hmph!

*smirk* So we curled up next to each other and we both ended up needing new underwear.

Talk about a lunch break.

Why don’t you pounce me more often?

… probably because I pounced you. Damn.



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