Yum. (Sexual Content)

Sometimes it’s easy to forget how much Jason can turn me on. He’s usually either very, very sweet and cuddly and lovey or… well, kind of pissed off at everything and cranky and in an “I don’t know” mood. Lately there’s been very little inbetween-time and tonight… was nice. Tonight was a night to make me remember.

Tonight makes me think of why I got interested in him in the first place – his unbearably sexy nature. The thoughts that run through that boy’s head would be chasing me for the rest of my life, calling to me to lay down and take it … nevermind.


All we were doing was role-playing… just role-playing. But sometimes he comes up with phrases that…

Well, to use a term of Rena’s that we’ve adopted…

… makes my cunt clench.

(There, damn it, I said it in public, Tessalyn, Rena, Soulfire, you can all shut up, you’ve finally broken me.)

“Something carnal and vicious snapped in his mind when she moaned like a catgirl in heat—not that he knew what a catgirl in heat sounded like, but nonetheless, she had an effect on him. He would press into her, deeply, rolling her onto her back, pinning her to the bed. He felt strong and manly with her so helpless beneath him, and he began to understand the whole dominant/submissive thing, to a lesser extent. “

I can feel that snap, that sensation that tears you into nothing but what instinct drives you to be – whether it’s on your knees, trembling, begging, screaming – or standing over someone on their knees, teasing, torturing, making them scream. I can feel that… intensity that makes your rational mind stop and you begin to react on a deeper level, more primal… more feral. God, it makes me shudder.

I can just… see that, so clearly, and remember how fucking sexy he sounded on the phone the first time. Breathless, haughty, confident in his ability to render me to a quivering pile of goo… and it worked. God, did it work. He just talked to me in that voice that I imagine was what drove every girl he’s ever slept with to rip his pants off… God, please, Jason, please do that more often. I’m fucking begging you, I need it.

I need you to be that way more often, to seduce me, entice me…

Make me dance for you.


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