Las Vegas.

I recently went to Las Vegas for my birthday, and was involved in a most spectacular night.

A girlfriend of mine took me out to a prestigious club for my birthday – and it happened to be “vodka drinks free for an hour” night.  After drinking a lot more fruit juice and vodka than was probably sane or healthy, the clock turned to 12:00 AM… my birthday.  She led me down the stairs, leaned over and gave me a soft kiss with a smile…
And we found ourselves in the bathroom of the Palazzo, with my back against the wall, her fingers inside of me as I bit down on her neck.  We weren’t alone – every so often we could hear someone whisper “I think I hear something” as I moaned and writhed for her, my hips twitching with so much need.  I wanted to take her back to the car… but I didn’t think we’d make it that far.

It was about the time that she unbuttoned my pants, got on her knees, and gazed up at me with a soft, whispered “Can I?” that I couldn’t think anymore, and lost myself in a haze of alcohol, her sweet lips, and her fingers driving me insane…


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